Wedding Consultant vs Wedding Planner

Wedding Consultant vs Wedding Planner

Many people believe that wedding planners and wedding coordinators are the same thing. Truthfully, they are not. While both help the couple to achieve the wedding of their dreams, their tasks are different. Here are some of the differences between the two.

A wedding planner is someone who will aid the couple in planning and organizing the entire wedding. Upon meeting the couple, the planner with have a consultation with them to understand their vision, this means very specific points such as themes, guest count, bridal party, but most of all it’s also to get acquainted with the couple. Most planners meet the couple at least a year in advance and will continually work with the couple until only a few day before the couple’s big day. Planners must get to know the couple before they can help make any decision for them. She will make phone calls to vendors and help to set up appointments as well. A wedding planner must also help the couple financially manage their wedding and not go over budget. Once the main points are discussed, the planner, along with the couple will make the plans for the wedding day and go the logistics and also make any last minute revisions needed for the day.

A wedding coordinator is a bit different. She is the person who will be there the day of to make sure everything goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It is a high possibility that she has not met the couple and will only be introduced to them the day of. Their main tasks are to look after the guests, execute all the details the couple has planned, and troubleshoot in case any issue arises. This doesn’t mean that a wedding coordinator’s job isn’t important, in fact it’s essential for her to be there to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and to make sure the couple has a stress free wedding day. Another big different between a plan and a coordinator, is the time difference. The coordinator will only be and work with the couple the day of the wedding as opposed to planning with them an entire year like a planner would.

While both are different, they are both important to making a couple’s wedding day come true. Depending on which is your preference, you can decide which profession is better for you. If you enjoy the planning process then a planner would be the best choice for you or if you prefer to execute the tasks given to you without having to worry about planning anything, then a wedding coordinator would be a better choice for you.

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How to choose the images for your wedding album


Your wedding is the most important day in your life as it not only changes your sir name but also changes a lot about you. It is not only important but also the most special day of your life so you want to capture those memorable moments in a beautiful album forever. However, choosing the appropriate pictures for your wedding album is really a tough job. You can’t decide which pictures to add and which ones to leave out as every picture has its own significance in your heart but have provided for you a number of tips that can help you big time in making a right decision.

1.Listen to the Wedding Photographer or Wedding Album Company

Your wedding photographer is an experienced individual with great skills and you need to put some trust in him or her so that they can reflect their expertise in your awesomely created photo album. Photographers might even tell you which ones to put on the walls. If you would like to save money and buy direct from the manufacturer we recommend

2. Add pictures that tell the story  

The album is created to help you relive those lovely moments again and again so you need to add those pictures that tell the story of your big day showing how things happened to bring you two officially together.

3. Add the natural ones

The pictures that envisage natural smiles, natural emotions and instant moments are the best depiction of the times you experienced that day. The look of shyness on the bride’s face and the gleam in her eyes while saying “I do,” are some of the most beautiful expressions that your album needs to incorporate.

4. Avoid Repetitions

You have five amazing shots while you are entering the wedding hall but they will take a lot of space on your album so choose the best one and get the soft copy of the rest. You should avoid any kind of repetition as it is going to make the album extremely boring.

5. Don’t try to include every movement

The ultimate goal of the album is to tell the story of the day in one safe place which you can watch yourself or show them to your children or grandchildren. You need to choose the best images for the album – but you often can’t include every image or every guest. Flush mount albums can hold between 50 and 175 images depending on the size and the number of pages in the album.

6. Choose ones with the best backgrounds

As background plays an important role in making a picture look perfect so you definitely should not ignore how the background of a picture looks like. So you need to consider the backgrounds as well so that your album looks exemplary.

7. Don’t try adding pictures of all the guests

Guests are also very important part of the wedding as they make your day more special so you definitely need to add their pictures to your album though you don’t need to stuff the album with their pictures so try choosing pictures in groups where they are with you so the album looks flawless. You probably won’t be able to add every guest to the album because the album design will likely be too crowded.

Thus, making a perfect album won’t be as difficult now as it was before reading this article. Follow these simple tips and we are sure you will be able to create an amazingly memorable album which is both cute as well as lovely just the way your married life is. If you want to make super easy, just contact the folks at They will do all the hard work while you remain in complete control.


Spring Wedding Dress Trends

Are you looking to celebrate your big day in the height of Spring? It’s a wonderful time of year, the days are becoming lighter, and everything around you is starting to wake from the dormant winter. It’s a fresh season, bringing with it blooms and butterflies, warmer air and sunshine. So, what styles of wedding gowns are on trend of Spring 2016?

A Nod Towards Spring…
An obvious choice to give a nod towards your spring wedding is to adorn yourself in a gown with a floral print; you could go in any direction with this option, bold and vibrant or subtle and delicate, it’s up to you. We all know the sweet sound of birdsong is one we hear during spring, so perhaps you could incorporate birds into your CocoMio wedding dress by adding some delicate plumage; you’ll look like a truly stunning bride with cascading soft feathers on the bodice or skirt of your gown. The warmer months of spring can bring in a more casual style of bride, feel free to try a cropped top look for your big day, you can still pull off looking elegant yet chic with this idea.

Something More Traditional…
The timeless and elegant fabric of lace will look stunning for a spring day, why not team numerous layers of the gorgeous material with a sexy plunge of a deep-v neckline. If you’re a traditional girl, team a satin gown with the classic Bateau neckline to keep it tasteful and elegant.

What About Colour…
The colours that surrounded the wedding runways for spring this year include subtle shades of blush, pinks and rose, which encompass the season perfectly. Also, take a peek at stonewashed shades such as shimmering silvers or gentle nudes.


When to Walk Away from a Marquee Hire Company – Spotting Dodgy Dealers

It’s the kind of nightmare scenario nobody would choose to walk into were they given any say in the matter. Everything seems to be going just fine, when your chosen marquee company throws out the mother of all curveballs and in turn throws your entire event into jeopardy. From corporate events to wedding receptions to music performances and so on, you’d like to think that when it comes to reliability and professionalism, the marquee hire company you work with holds both in high regard.

Unfortunately however, this doesn’t always tend to be the case. According to the experts at, it is technically possible these days for anyone wishing to do so to purchase a job lot of worn, dated hardware and set up shop online as a ‘professional’ marquee hire company. Suffice to say, these are exactly the kinds of service providers that cannot be compared with those at the very top of the industry, for which flawlessness is the only acceptable standard.

So for those looking to cover all bases in advance and take priceless peace of mind as standard, here’s a quick guide to help determine when and where walking away may well be the best way to go:

1 – No Direct/Real-Time Communication

First of all, one of the most common characteristics of dodgy dealers among the industry is that of not being able to get directly in touch with them, try as you might. Every time you call, nobody is available.  Every time they promise to call you back, they don’t. And as for arranging meetings in person, forget about it.  If the only communication they seem to be able to offer comes by way of email or social media messaging, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this is not a professional service provider you are looking at. Avoiding direct/real-time communication is the oldest trick in the book for avoiding difficult questions and potential confrontations.

2 – Vague or Delayed Pricing

It’s also a similar story when it comes to pricing, as when you work with an experienced and professional service provider, there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t be able to offer accurate quotations in an instant. After all, it’s their equipment that’s available and their services that are being offered, so why on earth should it take so much time for them to put together an initial quote?  The answer…it’s usually because those in question either do not have a clue what they are doing, or are actually middlemen taking your business and passing it on to others after jacking up the price for their own personal gain.

3 – No Apparent Business Address

As already mentioned, difficulties when trying to get in contact with the business represent an obvious telltale sign of a dodgy dealer.  But even without actually trying to get in touch directly, it is often possible to spot those who are best avoiding simply by taking notes of the business’ physical address. If no address is listed, it’s likely the business doesn’t exist. If the address listed is clearly residential, it could be some back bedroom operation established by an amateur. If on the other hand it’s clearly a registered business address, it’s far more likely it’s legit.

4 – Lack of Case Studies/Event Imagery

It’s incredibly easy for website designers to use (or steal) stock imagery to create a website that paints an extremely appealing picture of the business in question, even if it happens to be a misleading picture. As such, it’s important not to read too much into this kind of studio imagery, but rather to look a little deeper into the actual event imagery/portfolio of work on offer.  Suffice to say, in the cases of those with little to no experience or credibility, there will undoubtedly be a distinct lack of the latter.

5 – Feedback Questionable or Absent

Taking into account feedback and personal recommendations should be considered mandatory, before going ahead and booking any marquee hire services. When it comes to dodgy dealers, it’s usually possible to spot them a mile away as there will either be very little feedback to go on, or perhaps the kind of feedback that is clearly fabricated or doesn’t paint the most appealing picture.

6 – Unrealistic Promises

Last but not least, one of the most common tactics adopted by those of the rather negative end of the spectrum is to offer the kinds of ‘too good to be true’ deals that they simply cannot follow through with. If for example the industry’s leading providers all seem to be quoting around the £3,000 mark, anyone claiming to offer you the same service package for £300 clearly isn’t telling you the whole truth.


Things to Consider when having your Wedding Photography Done in Singapore


Singapore has become one of the best spots to hold one’s wedding, thanks to a conglomerate of excellent event planners, venues, caterers, and photographers that specialize in weddings. However, there are a few things every couple must ask before hiring a wedding photographer.

What is the photographer’s style? Photographers will always have a trademark style. Are you going for a humorous documentation of your special day? Does the photographer like portraying weddings with a focus on the bride? Is his or her style dreamy or very realistic? Will this style match your wedding’s theme and your personality? Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore can provide you with an excellent team of photographers, but it always pays to look into their catalogue to check out their style just the same.

How experienced is the photographer and how many are they in the team? In the case of Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore, you get to choose packages. The bigger the package, the more detailed your wedding photography will be, but this can also mean that you will have more photographers attending the wedding. This is an important question to ask because you also feed your suppliers during the wedding, and it can affect the cost of your wedding.

Is the photographer specializing in weddings? While it’s nice to have a photographer who is quite diverse in his practice, it is still better to hire someone who specializes in weddings in particular. This means that the photographer is most likely familiar with the other suppliers during the wedding, and s/he could easily work with them on the day itself. This also means that your photographer is familiar with about 100 things that could go wrong during the wedding, and the photographer could easily adjust to the situation.

Is the photographer booked for another event that weekend? The more events the wedding photographer is booked in during that weekends, the less time and attention the photographer would have at your wedding. Be wary of photographers who tend to overbook themselves. It is your right to demand that your photographer be exclusively booked for your event at least on the day itself. This way, you won’t have to worry about the photographer being late for your wedding, or leaving early for the other event.

What equipment will be used during the photography session? Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore offers plenty of equipment which can be used by their team, depending on the package. This equipment generally makes the photos look better. However, much of the appearance of the photos will depend on the mastery of the photographer’s skills, and not on the equipment alone. Just the same, this is a good thing to ask your assigned photographer as some venues do not allow the use of equipment. If they do, they might charge you more for each item that is plugged in to their power source. It might be a good idea for you to ask the wedding photographer, and if the contract covers these surprise expenses.

For more enticing wedding photography packages, check out Wedding Photography by Dream Wedding Singapore today.

Wedding Photography by DreamWedding Singapore will make you feel like a star. You can customize your packages and capture the most precious moments during your wedding.


Proposal wedding planner: Make It Special

When it comes to an engagement, it’s vitally important to makes it specific. There’s just one chance to generate a marriage engagement and therefore you like to try to make it optimistic. Using a proposal consultant makes it possible to every single action of the way.

Custom Organizing
You might work with a proposal planner in NYC. You’ll take a relationship quiz to talk about what’s fantastic relating to your relationship. Dependant on the marriage proposal planning ideas, several various strategies can be generated available for you so that you’ve a superb way for you to pop the question, and it will depend on the relationship. You finally determine what idea you like – therefore, the NYC proposal planner is going to work, building your strategy come to life. This is a awesome way for you to be confident that your engagement is really a grand romance – and it’s up to you as to whether you want to go down on one knee in order to present the ring.

There are different packages that you may choose from with proposal planners in addition. You may want to go with a Times Square billboard to produce a large and flashy present of your personal proposal. You could also choose something charming and romantic, like the Central Park proposal.
It is entirely up to you – but you can obtain assist with everything so you are not left to your individual devices. It is usually difficult to organise a engagement since you wish to make sure it is amazing. There are more plus much more plans currently being filmed and which means the one you’re proposing to might have all of these grand expectations of you – and the thing you don’t want to complete is disappoint.

Pop the Question
There’s four simple steps so that you can check out along with after you consult with nyc proposal planner. It’s at your decision as to whether you decide a plan or a specialized proposal. You’re going to get to decide what you enjoy the most – and everything is very affordable.

What’s more is that all the details are organized for your requirements – all the way down to having wedding flowers at the place. You may even choose to have a very good wedding photographer or a superb live video clip stream online, added to the plan.

This ensures that everything is caught so that you can relive the moment of the proposal again and again – and bring best friends and family into the moment as well. An engagement only happens one time and you also want to make sure you leave a lasting effect. It can be as low key or as loud as you want it to be – and specialized engagement wedding planners will assist you to with each and every step. The only thing you have to do is bring the wedding ring.


Clothing Tips For Men for a Beach Wedding

beachweddingshirtsformen1The trend of beach weddings has bloomed in the past few years. All of us love to visit beaches and spend some quality time. With the rising trend of themed wedding, more and more people have got inclined towards making their big day even more special and auspicious by organizing it on a beach, in mountains or just in a vintage style. What about wedding on a beach? Does it sound exciting and romantic? The soothing sound of waves, salty sea breeze and sun rays flickering in the water add to the beauty of the place. Choosing a perfect wedding dress seems to be a daunting task. Understanding the concerns for island wedding clothing for groomsmen, we have shared a brief guide on the beach wedding attire for the groom-to-be to make their cloth selecting process easier and hassle free.

Let’s face it, choosing a wedding dress is the most important part of any wedding. Wedding is a big day for you, and you want to set all the rolling eyeballs upon your personality and sensible dressing. If you are considering beach wedding, you need to choose your dress according to the theme of the wedding. Beach wedding tends to get more relaxed and casual. You do not need to dress yourself up in a black tie and suit, but can pick a lightweight suit made up of linen, cotton or seersucker. All these fabrics will leave you cooler than silk or wool blend suit. You may also complete your looks with the beach wedding shirts for the grooms, along with linen pants for weddings on the beach, which are easily available in the stores.

Most of the grooms, while selecting beach wedding attire for men, make a mistake of completing their looks by choosing to wear sandals. Sandals look too casual for any event, and especially if it is your own wedding. The best thing you could do is to prefer a tan lace up shoe without socks or may go with loafers. Similarly, sneakers which are made up of light material look stylish in the summers. A pocket square is a common way of dressing up a suit, when you do not wear a tie. While, you can wear both, but wearing a tie could make you look more formal. Therefore, you may try pocket square. If you still prefer to wear a tie, you can wear it in a knit option, which will keep your look pulled together, but still casual.

Since, it will be a beach wedding, and you do not want to squint during “I do’s”, therefore, it is advisable to go classic with stylish wayfarers or aviators. The shape of a sunglass can make or destroy your looks, therefore follow your guide and find a perfect pair enhancing your looks and overall appearance. Though you may follow various tips, but the thumb rule to look good on your wedding is to get a perfect tailored suit. Tropical wedding linen pants for guys on the beach along with linen shirts are the perfect choice to with on a wedding like beach.


Discover the many benefits and advantages of buying a high quality wedding dress

wedding dress

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Everyone who you love and care for will be there. You will be surrounded by your closest friends and family members. You want to make the day special in every way that you can. Having the right bridal dress is an important part of meeting that objective. You will need a dress that suits you in the most absolute way possible. The same wedding dress looks different on each woman. That is why you should ensure that the wedding dress you choose gives off the image and effect you’re aiming for.

Only you can make the right choices when it comes to your wedding. You can never go far enough in supervising every detail of your wedding. However, when it comes down to it, the main event of the day is you. And the wedding dress you’re wearing will be all that anyone talks about.

Finding the right one for your figure and complexion can be difficult. But if you start with the right wedding dress companies, then the task becomes a great deal less difficult. New York Bride & Company is one of the many wedding dress firms that offer you the kind of products and services that will make your wedding day something to remember.

When looking for your wedding dress, you should search only for those companies that specialize in selling such products. You don’t want to put yourself in the position of dealing with people with second and third hand knowledge of wedding dresses. If you are to get the best service and the most outstanding value, then you need to work with a firm that knows its wares and will be able to present you a wide range of options. This is much too important to be left to amateurs—to people who don’t know that they are doing. If you want the best results, then you must work with the best people.

You have your own sense of style, fashion, and taste. You also know how the particular cut of a dress will look on you. If you are a woman with curves, you want to be sure to accentuate them in a flattering way. If you are slimmer women, then you want to take advantage of that and wear a dress that brings your figure out in a nice manner. You want, in other words, to do all that you can to make the best of who you are and what you naturally look like.

This also goes for the color of the dress. There are no rule books for planning a wedding. And there is nothing that says your wedding dress must be white. If you prefer a different color, then you should explore the many options available to you. Whichever wedding dress you finally decide on, it should be the one that best brings out what is most special and wonderful about you. It is your day, and it should reflect your deepest wishes and desires.

If you are looking for New York Bride & Company , then you need look no further. For more information please visit our website.


Wedding photography: do it yourself or hire someone?


If a couple does not have sufficient money to hire a photography expert, it does not mean they are not destined for excellent images, they after all deserve some best images of their big day. While for some though money is not a problem, they still like to do wedding photography because of the excellent talent.

In any case, follow some simple tips for a do-it yourself wedding photography and the result would be remarkable images that will live new in the minds of wedded couple.

The initial and foremost vital thing is to get your photography tool including batteries, flash, camera, travel tripods, length of the movie, and other accessories checked. See that they are all in absolutely best condition. Anticipate running out of movie and be ready with extra.

Plan ahead to keep the tool and the light possibilities, plan in advance for the quality shots and pitch in your best friend who could help you well with photographing. Much perfect it would be, if he has some of the general idea of photographing and has some creative niche.

The couple should be alert of the shots well in advance to get those superb freezes. Pitch in innovative techniques to include into photographing.

Take images of the bridesmaids and bride getting ready and also the groomsmen and groom getting ready. Prioritize the video shooting, bride comes primary and plan, accordingly. Incorporate some excellent ideas into shooting room and groomsmen.

Never miss out on classic shots. Take the shoot and snaps of bride and her groom and family and his family after the ceremony and before the ceremony. Give direction to the bridesmaid and groomsmen to get amazing images.

Capture any funny mishap happening spontaneously. Know the location to stand to capture the amazing action of the ceremony and the best photographs. Catch different expressions and moods on the faces of vital people as part of the ceremony. Never miss out capturing vital guests. Capture goofy images here and there to bring in that liveliness. In Last, stow the photography tool carefully out of reach of little children.

Never miss out capturing dancing and loving moments of couples on the dancing floor. Bear in mind to take tender and warm moments shared by the newlywed. It could be anything sharing a general cake or drink or a kiss.

If you don’t have experience in wedding photography, don’t worry. You can hire a wedding photographer.

It is vital to hire experts who can support you. For one, you need to hire caterers who will prepare, serve meals and cook and drinks to your guests. Next, you need to rent a place for your wedding party to make it more interesting. It is important that you also hire a wedding photographer who will grip every moment of your wedding.

There are lots of expert photographers you can hire. They have professional equipment, including best camera backpacks. Anyway, there are examples when couples make mistakes while working with these professionals. In order to reject these mistakes, decent wedding photographers cite the most general mistake couples make.


A Guide to Renting a Tuxedo

tux rental

If you are getting married soon, it is likely that you have gone on to look at your options for the best tuxedo rental Raleigh NC. While the bride is expected to purchase and own her wedding dress, the groom and the men in your wedding party might just be able to get away with rentals. Of course, just because it is a rental doesn’t mean the tuxedos will have to look anything but tailor-fit. The guidelines below should be followed closely especially by the groom.

If you are the groom, try another option. It is still recommended for the groom to invest a lot on what he will wear for the big day. It is recommended for the groom to choose a tuxedo set which he already owns, or to have something tailor-fitted for him before the big day. If he feels that this might be too much expense for the big day, then perhaps the tuxedos can be toned down for him and the men in the wedding party so it may be used on another occasion.

If buying is really not an option, find the best rental place. Getting the best looking tuxedo rental is necessary especially if you are a groom on a budget. If you are looking for the best tuxedo rental in Raleigh, don’t worry. It might actually be the very same boutique your future wife is getting her wedding dress. Look at the selections available in NY Bride of Raleigh. You will be pleasantly surprised that they carry gowns and tuxedos for your entire wedding party.

Get the best fit possible by being early. Don’t wait for the last few days before your wedding day before renting out your tuxedo. Give the boutique enough time to alter the shoulder part of your tuxedo to give you a better fit. You should also ask your groomsmen and your best man to have their tuxedos fitted early so alterations can be done before the big day. This way, you and your wedding party can look sleek and dashing in your wedding tuxes even though they are only rented out.

Ask to look at the real thing. Some boutiques only hand out the bride and the groom a catalogue of their available tuxedos for rent. While most of them, like the NY Bride in Raleigh, are reputable enough to have high quality rentals for the wedding party, try not to leave anything to chance. If possible, and if your wedding party member is in the state anyway, schedule an actual fitting so you can see the material with your own eyes. This will also give you the chance to make changes if the material of the tuxedo or the shirt you are renting is uncomfortable. Remember, you don’t want your wedding party to just look good. You want them confident and comfortable on your wedding day too.

Double check to see if everything is uniform. The beauty of having tuxedos rented out is that the groomsmen look uniform with each other. It is okay if the groom looks a bit different from the rest, as he should, but the groomsmen should, as much as possible, have the same color of coats and ties. For the best tuxedo rental, call 704.529.6400.

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh offers a perfect tuxedo program for a groom looking for Tuxedo Rental Raleigh NC. Why spend thousands of dollars if you can save your money for your future with your bride.